Not Chic

My new tattoo, definitely worth the pain


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New found love for arcade grabber machines

Too true.

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Absolutely loving the pretty pastel pieces on the high street right now. My bank balance on the other hand doesnt agree.

L is for Leopard

Black Leather Leopard Insert Satchel
Dotty Dalmation Print Bikini
Both Topshop 

I seem to be a magnet to all things animal print and my two favourite purchases this month are no exception to this.

I hate to admit it but i think that religiously watching every episode of Eastenders since the mid-90s may well be a contributing factor to my unhealthy love for leopard print. I don’t know if it is physically possible to Out-Pat Pat Butcher (after all this would involve at least 6 types of animal print in one outfit), but i’m slightly worried that in 40yrs time i too am going to be propping up a home-bar whilst drowning in a sea of highly flammable faux-fur furniture - in true Butcher style.

Craving Summer

Wish i had been alive in the 60s

Twiggy, 9B Pencil

'Hard Boiled Kemp'

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I should probably learn to cook

So we are history, the shadow covers me. The sky above a blaze that only lovers see.

So we are history, the shadow covers me. The sky above a blaze that only lovers see.


Hello, my name is Roxane.

I have a thing for milky tea, celebs, selling my soul on eBay, tattoos, getting all my facts from The Sun, mushy Hugh Grant films, Charity shop bargains, Irish Boybands, Eastenders, Leopard-Print, Faux-Fur etc etc…
and the more I think about it the more I realise I have the dress sense of a Pat Butcher/ Kat Slater Love-Child.

I very rarely stick to new years resolutions, this year I want to be more creative and i figured this would be a good way to do this. I’m going to attempt to blog. Nothing serious and nothing in-particular. Just doodles, drawings, fashion finds, music i’m listening to and anything else that takes my fancy.

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